Below you will find just a small sampling, in addition we have formal reference letters available upon request.

Tim & Tracie,

Two years ago today I made the greatest leap of faith in our company and it has paid off. I just want to take today and say thank you. I still remember our first time meeting at my first Lions game (vs packers). I just wanted to say thanks! It’s been a great 2 years. Here’s to another great year together. Thank You!

Thanks in advance!!

- Ryan D. Cuffle

Branch Manager/Loan Officer

Hi Tim and Tracie,

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you both how incredibly thankful I am and appreciative I am for you considering having me back with TFF. The more I am diving into everything from Encompass, the back office, the pricing model(s) to the compensation package the more BLOWN AWAY I become. Truly, I don’t believe there is another company out here like ours. You guys are extremely generous in the overall package you offer to originators/BM’s and I am not sure if you hear that enough but THANK YOU!!! I am so very excited about this opportunity and being “home” and we are expecting big things down here in Carolina. You guys will not be disappointed in your decision and thank you for creating such an amazing company. The entire staff has been helpful and very pleasant and right on point and eager to help. It is an honor Tim and Tracie!!

- Rick B

Good afternoon,

I really needed that presentation and learned how to effectively and efficiently originate at a higher efficiency level. Details are significant and appreciate the support from Top Flite. I am still under a year as an employee but very happy to see the ability to grow and awesome support staff and TOP NOTCH PROCESSING.

I hope to be a top producer moving forward.

Thank you in advance for all you do.


- Christopher

A big thanks to both of you guys for working so hard to help us accomplish what we have been trying to do for years.
You both have been very courteous timely and effective.
Always answering when I call or emailed and answered any questions we had.
I pray God blesses and allows your business to grow.
I will definitely promote your business when the opportunity arises.
What little we had to contribute was money well spent.
I am glad I waited to do business with Top Flite Financial!

- Russell, A

Hello TFF Execs:

I am forwarding you the below email from the listing agent to highlight the amazing team work we had on this loan. I have known the listing agent for 15+ years, BUT was never able to earn his business. This is a simo purchase loan closing. I submitted the loan to initial QC on 6/19 and able to close the loan a day earlier and have docs 3 days prior to closing as per agent’s request. I would not be able to do this without the folks involved on this loan.

Thank you all for the outstanding service, team work and for making me look good to both realtors and the borrowers.

Keep up the good work.

- Juliette

Good morning,

I wanted to take a moment and send each of you a personal email thanking you for your help and hard work on this file.

This conforming purchase was started on 5/13 and we received the CTC yesterday! This makes Top Flite look GREAT in the eyes of the borrower because his initial mortgage company sat on this file for almost 30 days before they realized they weren’t licensed in the state he was buying in and delivered the message to him that they couldn’t complete his file.

Often times in our business hard work goes unrecognized due to multiple deadlines each of us are trying to meet so I wanted to simply say Thank You and let you know your hard work is appreciated!

Have a great day~

- Heather D.


I really would like to take the time to tell you that everyone that I have a contact with at Top Flite Financial is simply awesome. I cant say enough on how hard, dedicated and sweet everyone is to me. I am so happy that Top Flite Financial has given me the opportunity to be a part of your team. So THANK YOU to you and Tim!!!! Please have a wonderful and blessed week.


- Mike

Thank you EVERYONE for dropping everything they were doing to help me get this loan closed! You are by far the best team we could have to make the impossible happen! I truly appreciate each and every one of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this happen.

Y’all are AWESOME!!!


- Cindy V


Thank you so much for helping me with getting his loan approved… After closing he came back to thank me for all of our hard work and was about in tears! Now keep in mind he is 6’3” gentle giant!!!! Thank you so much for helping me make his dream turn into reality! That is what it is all about.

We have touched his life in a way that he will never forget…

Again thank you for all your help on this one!

- Cindy V.

Tim and Tracie;

I just wanted to let you know what a good job everyone is doing. The teamwork that TFF has is amazing! Everyone goes the extra mile that you have to do to provide the level of customer service that is expected from us. Just wanted to shoot you a quick note to say thanks to all!

Thank You,

- John R.

You guys Rock!

Thank you to everyone! I was really under the gun on this one.

- Alan W


I know I have been a bit of a pain in the past and critical of things that in my opinion have not worked well. Please understand that I have always maintained a high standard for customer service for my clients and my team – and this is what drives this.

With this said, I have to take a moment and compliment a couple members of the team that truly went above and beyond – Charles and Amanda (and our own Jeanette). I had a deal that was supposed to close today – Roth – Closer did the last employment check only to find – yesterday afternoon – that the borrower no longer worked at the firm we had on the 1003.

After a call to the client where I discovered that he had accepted another position (higher salary, closer to the new home etc) a couple of weeks ago but didn’t realize he had to tell us this little fact – we scrambled to find a solution. This was a triple domino deal – seller was buying a home and that seller had back up offers at higher prices…

Between Amanda and Charles, we only lost a day – Both went way above and beyond to make this happen including working with MI to get the approval updated, the system updated, and the file ready to close again. I can say that I am more than surprised – and the icing on the cake is that it will get me a new Realtor relationship (the seller’s agent) which will bring more revenue to TFF.

I am truly grateful to these fine members of the team and what they did to make this happen.

I though you should know

- Mason

Good Morning Tim:

Just wanted to say "Thank You" for the Top Turn Time Training Yesterday.

Matt did a great Presentation and we did pick up some good information and will be putting this knowledge into action asap.

Looking forward to the next training session! Have a great weekend!

- Diana M

Good Morning Tim and Tracie,

I have to stop and let you guys know how awesome the closing dept is...I just have to say that I enjoy working with all of them and they are all doing a fantastic job over there...they are very helpful and efficient and I thought they should be recognized for the great job they are doing. : )


- Aaron L


Thanks for the positive attitude today. Brenda helped me through a tough purchase! Thank You Brenda!!! Again, Chad thanks for the positive talk. Every once in a while is nice to know that you understand and care about the branch as well. So kudos to both of you for being awesome team players.


- Mike

Hi Tim and Tracie,

I just wanted to let you know that the rush closing we snuck in yesterday is ready to go and it is all thanks to Kim and her efforts...she went above and beyond on this one and deserves to be recognized...She even stayed late after a very long day yesterday to make sure we got it done. She is very efficient and helpful and I look forward to more closings with her. : )

And thank you again for approving it...you really helped me out on this one.


- Aaron

Hi Tim and Tracie,

I just wanted to let you know that the rush closing we snuck in yesterday is ready to go and it is all thanks to Kim and her efforts...she went above and beyond on this one and deserves to be recognized...She even stayed late after a very long day yesterday to make sure we got it done. She is very efficient and helpful and I look forward to more closings with her. : )

And thank you again for approving it...you really helped me out on this one.


- Aaron

Hello Julie,

I have wanted to write a note to the head of the closing department for quite a while. I chose you in hopes you could share this with the department. Please excuse me, but I do not know who the manager is.

Thank you all so much for everything you and the closing department does. You have a very demanding job, and have come through every time. Going above and beyond the call of duty seems to be the duty for the TFF closing department!

I have been around the industry, and have NEVER SEEN a closing department as efficient as you are.

One of the last closings I had in 2012 featured a borrower who literally was going in for hand surgery on a Tuesday morning. The closing department made an exception and got everything done for the Monday evening closing. Sometimes, I don’t know how you do it…I am just glad you do.

Have a great end of the week!


- Brian

Thank you to everyone for getting this done today. This file had some mistakes made and it should have closed sooner than what it did but when it came down to meeting the final extended date it got done. If I missed anyone I apologize, it made me feel good that it got done on time today and was a big stress relief for me.

So again a big thank you to all of you for pulling this together.


- Josh

Good Morning,

I just had to take a minute to tell you how much I/we appreciate Keia and the excellent job she does...she is always very helpful and very quick in an urgent situation...and that is only the tip of the iceberg...I am sending you this today because she just went above and beyond on one of our files recently and was able to save us money and make the customer happy by giving them a lower rate...which we didn't know was even possible until she gave us the idea to do a float down, and without her, it would have never happened. She should definitely be recognized for her efforts...you certainly have a keeper there....but I am sure you know that already. :)

I know when I need something from Keia I can always count on her to deliver...and then some.


- Rick H.

Thank you very much Tracie. I really hate to be a pain, I know how busy you are right now. Once I receive the information requested below, I will send it to you. Thank you, and have a great day. While I am at it, I have to say that TFF is awesome! I have been around awhile and have never been with an organization that is so intent on improving processes.

There is no perfect way to handle a mortgage file, but we are pretty darn close!

- Brian

You surprised me with your response this late! You have always been responsive and very helpful, as everyone at TFF has been and I really appreciate it! I'm glad I was able to find TFF - thanks Google.

Thanks so much Amber!!


- Jim S.

Kim & Tina,

I am profoundly grateful for your superhuman efforts this Monday to rush quite a few of my loans through on time. I assure you once more that it was not intentional to have all of this happen at the last minute. I am making the appropriate adjustments in my communication with support personnel earlier in the process, to avoid these sorts of traffic jams. Nonetheless, I appreciate your continued diligence and hard work. Top Flite is fortunate to have you.

- Michael D.

You guys gave a LOT of people a huge sigh of relief!

Thank you for all that you do!

It is GREATLY appreciated.

Tracie, I will be bugging you once things cool down in a couple days, I would like to see if there is a way I can expense food or drink for your team that has gone above and beyond several times for this small branch.


Jesse U.

Lynda, our pipeline is now in excess of 30 loans. We are moving strong and I'm so pleased with our team. You Lynda are part of that team as our underwriter. Thank you - because of you and Dana, I feel confident to get more business and that you both have the helm in the back office. I appreciate you very much and just wanted to say thanks for who you are. You are a marvelous underwriter.



Tim and Tracie,

I would like to say a huge THANKS to all the MVP’s from Top Flite! I would also like to say THANKS for all the HARD work and extra time that each person has put into our TEAM! I have experienced comradery and just plain nice people! Seriously if it wasn’t for you women and gentlemen I would hate coming in every day. Again Thanks for all your time and dedication.

I know there are more then I’ve cc above. But I do want to show my appreciation!



Thanks Tim, I love this company and we all can and will go far by working together. You, Tracie and especially Brenda are the best people I have ever worked with, (I did not mean to leave the other people out because we have a great company with so many people that work together).

Again, THANK YOU for everything,


 Hey Guys,

Well, we gave it the old college try, but it is not meant to be today. Too many hurdles to climb. I am so darned absent-minded that Tina was forced to call me to find out status – sorry about that Tina!

I am still working on the deal right now, trying to find a way through the murky swamp, but I wanted to thank everyone for helping out and being ready to kick some butt!

Just remember something – all of you – I have been around the block a few times (not in the mortgage business – wire and cable) and I have not seen such a willingness to help in any company in which I have I worked. I am sure you hear all of the bad stuff – griping, complaining, moaning, etc etc etc – I thought you might want to hear the good stuff.

Thanks again everyone – have a wonderful weekend!

Brian F


Thanks for the call today. I appreciate everything you've been able to help me with over the years and especially for always being there when I needed you. Thanks again!

Chris S. - TFF Branch Manager


I just want to say a quick thanks to all of you for having a role in getting my file out for closing today. You made a young couple very happy to move into their first home and made me look like a miracle worker in the process.

I appreciate everything every one of you did today!!

Thank you again,

Patrick C


I’m a believer in .. ‘giving credit, when credit is due’, and I must say that Ms. Tina Smith is AMAZING and very easy to work with. She has been my closer on my last 3 closings this week and last and if I had it my way, I would work with her on every transaction. People/Employees like that make all the difference in the world for us originators. She portrays true value and is wonderful to work with.

Hats off to your closing department….Hats off to Ms. Tina Smith with Top Flite Financial!

Mark G.

Just wanted to thank everyone for all your help in getting the Banks filed CLOSED today! All is good and you all are the BEST TEAM that I have ever had the privilege of working with!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Brenda C

Thank you for a great closing. Thanks for taking the time to meet the closing timeframe for this loan. Thank you very much for going above and beyond once again!

Rick R

Hello Tina, Michelle, Corey and Walt,

A huge thank you for jumping on the Edvalson file updates so quickly. It went from closing, to UW assist, to UW, to processor, to QC, back to closing and docs out in about 3 hours. Wow. It was like a triple play in the 9th inning. Because of that, we are signing today as scheduled. Great teamwork! We appreciate what you do for us guys in the field.

Thanks again,


I just wanted to take the time and tell you thank you for working with me. The old company just about killed all of my business and as you can see I am trying so hard to earn the trust of the builders back. With your help (AS SHOWN), I am very confident it can be done. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH FOR WORKING HARD ON GETTING MY FILE OUT.

Your help is not without gratitude, as I know you have a family as well that is waiting for you at home. THANK YOU LADIES!!!!!!!

Rob T.

Hello to everyone who touched the Bremner file,

I just got back from the document signing with Mr. Bremner. He is very, very happy about his new home purchase and sends his appreciation to all those that made it possible.

I add my thanks to all of you for the extra work. This one kept trying to go in the trash, but you guys kept pulling it out. I owe you all an easy one next time (do those even exist anymore?). I’ll get working on that right away.

Have great day and know that your effort didn’t go unnoticed by a happy new homeowner.

Thanks again,


I just got off the phone with Donnie Newman and wanted to say what an absolute pleasure it was talking to him for the first time. Donnie was VERY helpful with all my questions and if all of our underwriters are this good we will all have a much easier way to go. Thank you Donnie for all your hard work and for taking the time out of your schedule to work with me. What a great way to start a new relationship.

Kelly S. – Lake of the Ozark, MO

I just wanted to send you a special thanks for sending the gift basket! I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to building a profitable relationship with you guys and appreciate all that you are doing to help us who are on the front lines!

Thanks again! You guys are awesome!

Cindy V


I need to compliment your closing department on the caratchea closing. Out of our 25+ closings this year, this was my first with TFF and it was way better than it ever has been! Money was there, in and out in an hour…Great Job Donna and Kim.

Tony P.

Hello All:

I just wanted to take a moment to recognize the wonderful job that TFF underwriters have been doing and how much of a pleasure it has been working with TFF since the changes last Fall. I wanted to particularly thank Lynda Manack for all of her constant help with my staff (mostly me pestering her with questions) and most recently a knock out job on our Noonan file.

Lynda was under the gun on a purchase that was given to one of my Loan Originators with 9 days to close. Although it did not close in 9 days, which is truly unrealistic for an FHA purchase, we did get it done with a short contract extension. It would NOT have closed even with the extension had Lynda not gone above and beyond her scope of what would be considered to be typical underwriting duties. She offered us an exception that we would have never even thought to ask for. The loan successfully closed today-on schedule and everything couldn’t have been easier thanks to her!

We have been very happy with everyone including Chad and Chris; just to name a few.

It is moments like this that can really define us as a great organization and separate us from other Lenders, Wholesalers and Brokers. We know this would not have taken place at any other company we would have chosen for this loan. It is so easy to get upset and be unpleasant when loans do not always close in the fashion we wish and I think we take it for granted when loans do close without problems. So, TFF, please take a moment to recognize that you are doing a fantastic job and you are greatly appreciated!


Craig M.

Usually nobody says anything unless it is bad. But I am very happy with the grand rapids underwriters, with their positive attitude to get deals done in a very timely fashion. They are very easy to deal with and seem to care about the business


Kurt G.

Tim and Tracie,

I wanted to thank both of you for your generosity towards Big Kids 4 Little Kids. We appreciate your hole sponsorship for our upcoming outing.

I also wanted to thank you for the opportunity to work here. It has been a great honor to work with you guys and the rest of Top Flite! I love coming to work and being a part of the company and having the opportunity to learn and grow here at TFF.

Thank you!! You both are amazing people to work for!

Thank you,

Amber H.

WOWSER DEIDRE! You’re a file clearing machine …10:22 PM… THANKS!!!

Tracie -the family you have handpicked is awesome!!!

Nicholas D. – Troy, MI

I wanted to take a moment to let each of you know how much I appreciate your assistance in closing the Bogan loan for our office on Friday. This was a deal were the contract had expired because of long lender lead times with another lender who had promised me to get the deal done.

After speaking to both Brenda and Lynda with no hesitation you were willing to help me close the deal by Friday, as the Borrower would have lost a deal on a property that they were paying 65k below market value. I thank each of you for your assistance and hopefully this will aide in us building a strong relationship into the future. Please know that the team that I am assembling will always have a can do attitude and do whatever it takes to team up to get deals done. I hope each of you saw this in my team during this transaction. We certainly saw it in you! Thanks and have a great day!

- Charles S.

Mr. Baise,

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to email me. Everyone I have spoken to at Top Flite has been incredibly nice, very polite and incredibly helpful. I am very excited about my opportunity with Top Flite and greatly appreciate you addressing the post on the Broker Outpost regarding delays in pay. Abbe Myers, Sadie Southworth, and Bryan Selleck have been incredibly helpful in assisting me with all my questions (They have patiently and politely answered all the millions of questions I have asked) and in assisting me with my branch setup. They have been very polite and very timely when responding to all my questions. It was their professionalism and incredible kindness that lead me to decide on Top Flite. Thanks Again!

- Michael B.

Good morning Tim,

When someone does an outstanding job it should not go with out just recognition. Who ever I have been speaking to at Top Flite Financial, Inc. has been sincere, dedicated and with a great deal of knowledge and more importantly with the right attitude. Three of your people have gone way beyond. Abbe Myers is my hand holder. She will not let me do anything that is not perfect. I appreciate her greatly. Brian Selleck has taken me through much we needed to do with exemplary no how and he does it in such a nice way. Anthony Burlison has and is guiding me on the right path. He knows his business well and I predict a long and profitable relationship with him.

Timothy, you are indeed lucky to have such wonderful people working with you and your company. I trust that both Joyce and myself will indeed enjoy Joyce's Branch and look forward to a profitable and enjoyable long term partnership with you.


- Marvin S.

Tim and Tracie I wanted to say thank you so much for the gift this morning, we will enjoy it. I will continue to pray for our company in a whole and you guys being our leaders. Thanks so much for the opportunity to serve the people of MS at a greater capacity and other around this nation and others to come. I am hooked up with your guy's vision and running with it. Again me and my family really appreciate you and are looking forward to a Prosperous 2009.

Also I just wanted to let you know we have an awesome staff - Darick, Abbe, and Sadie have been awesome! Every time I call in they are always excited to help me and seem to really enjoy there jobs. It really feels like a family.

- Alonzo E.

Tracie I just wanted to say Abbe and Sadie are great! I've been sending paper flying back and forth and they are helping us get rolling. It's hard to find good people that want to work hard, but they are prime example. Responsive, professional, easy to talk with and never seem flustered by the paper chase. Thanks for making this transition easy.

- John H.


Just getting to leave this evening (midnight) and wanted to give you an update on the staff at TFF.

Everyone has been absolutely ON POINT in getting us up & running. Right now we have 2 branches licensed (FHA too) and the MO office will be submitted for licensing this week.

I cannot say enough on the efforts your team has displayed!!! Mario's 1st 2 loans are in QC now so hopefully within a few days we will have an underwriting decision. MS office should have their 1st one in QC as well within a day or so. Pipeline from here should grow!!


PS. Did not have Chads email but he has been tremendous as well; I have yet to speak to your wife but I assume she is doing a lot of the behind the scenes work for us.

P.S.S Mario & Bernadette have worked hours together mastering the Encompass. Great job guys!!

Regards," - Jeff B.


I want to applaud your underwriting staff, particularly Chris and Brenda, as I know their plates are overflowing, and they took the time to make one of my files happen so that we would not lose the property being purchased to foreclosure.

I just want to say that I am so happy and impressed with the exceptions that were made to get this file out of underwriting and to closing

I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Have a great day!" - Heather Z.

 "Good Morning,

I just wanted to let you know how GREAT it was to be afforded the opportunity to go to Michigan and meet the Top Flite Team! We so enjoyed meeting all the people we either have or will deal with and we all feel so much more like part of a cohesive team. Getting a few of those last employment details worked out also provided a much needed sense of relief that all will be well.

Your offices are wonderful, everyone was hospitable and helpful, and the food was delicious! Thank you so much for your help and the cooperation you have afforded us. We came back home with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and the motivated spirit of a TFF team!

Thank you!" - Pat G.

 "Tim & Tracie,

I would like to say thanks for the opportunity to get to meet you and your staff! You have many people there that are very genuine! I didn’t get to meet everyone or have the in-depth conversations, but the people I did were awesome! I hope we get the opportunity again maybe this summer. Also BIG Game this weekend!!!

Thanks," - Mike


I just wanted to take a second of your day to share with you how much I appreciate the changes I’ve noticed in Williamston and Grand Rapids. It is so nice to get the calls from my loan officers who are excited about the service they are getting. I sent two files to QC Wednesday morning with the goal of trying to get them thru QC prior to leaving for my surgery Monday and they are already thru and I got a Wow e-mail from the loan officer.

The communication from the underwriting department recently makes the loan officers feel their importance to our company when they get some fast responses. Final QC and Closing have stepped up that teamwork attitude which they have always had to another level which is just knocking everyone socks off.

THANK YOU ALL!!!!! I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together.

Thank You!" - Michelle Carie


I just want to say thank you for taking the time and effort to deal with Tony and all the commerce dept and licensing stuff over the past week and a half. I know you’re busy as heck!

It means a lot to me and is a HUGE time saver for me and I truly appreciate it. This is exactly why I love TFF, there is quality support which makes ALL the difference in the world!

Now hopefully he will have his approval today or Monday lol!

Have a good Friday!" - Jesse U.

 "Good Evening,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone involved that made this happen over the last couple days. I sincerely hope nothing like this ever happens again. It took a lot of hard work to get this done today and I appreciate everyone's time and effort spent on this file. They have officially re-closed. We have an incredible team here and I consider myself lucky to be a part of it.

Thanks Again!

(If I missed anyone...please forward for me)"

Aaron L. - Senior Processor