Why Top Flite
Grow your business on the values that have made our business one of the fastest growing financial services companies 5 years running, as recognized by Inc. Magazine. Top Flite Funding is a division of Top Flite Financial, Inc. Our national retail residential mortgage operations have grown to over 70 locations since our doors first opened in 2002. Over the years, we have refined our processes to reduce turn times and increase production while sticking to our unwavering commitment to ensure each loan we close is done by the book and adheres to the ever tightening Government and GSA regulations.

While many wholesale lenders exist, Top Flite Funding is your one of a kind, first class wholesale partner. We will handle each loan through our exclusive “Cradle to Grave” process. This process will allow you to feel confident that your loan will remain in compliance with all State and Federal regulations while at the same time freeing up valuable time and manpower and saving you money by eliminating the need for extra in-house underwriting, compliance, and quality control staff.

Compliance: Today’s lending environment leaves very little room for error and the consequences can be detrimental. While compliance, with today’s new and changing regulations, has become one of the most important aspects of lending, it can also be extremely costly and time consuming with many pitfalls for companies with little experience in compliance. Every step of our process is designed to ensure that the loan is and will remain in compliance.

Quality Control: At Top Flite Funding, we pride ourselves on providing quick turnaround times without compromising our ethics or standards. This process begins with our initial quality control team who will verify the information you provide and make sure your loan gets off to a great start. Our final quality control team reviews the loan, a second time, after the loan has been underwritten to ensure that the loan has maintained its integrity through the process and ensure that the loan is truly ready for funding. This process helps to eliminate surprises and streamlines the closing, funding and post-closing process.

Full Service: Our underwriting, closing, and funding departments round out the full service experience. Simply taking care of your every need and treating each loan as if it is the most important.